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Consulting Versus Selling

View Yourself as a Consultant 
One particular self-image possessed  by high-achieving salespeople is that they see themselves as consultants rather  than as salespersons. They see themselves as problem solvers with their products  or services rather than as vendors looking for someone who will trade them money  for what they have to offer.

Approach Them as Clients
They do not approach their customers with hat in hand, hoping for a sale. They approach  their “clients” with the attitude that they are consultants calling on the prospect  to help him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Ask Questions and Listen Carefully
Seeing themselves as consultants, they ask questions carefully and listen intently.  They focus all of their energies on understanding the customer’s situation so that  they can make intelligent recommendations based on what the customer really wants  and needs.

Become an Expert in Your Field
As consultants, they recognize that they must be experts, authorities in their field.  They know their products and services from one end to the other. They invest many  hours familiarizing themselves with every single detail of what they sell, and of  what their competitors sell as well. They know the strengths and weaknesses, the  advantages and shortcomings, the features and benefits of what they are offering.  They have excellent product knowledge, which their customers can sense and which  gives both themselves and their customers greater confidence throughout the sales  conversation.

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors
Top salespeople, positioning themselves as consultants, see themselves as resources  for their clients. They see themselves and carry themselves as advisors, mentors  and friends. They become emotionally involved in their transactions and they are  generally concerned that their product or service be the ideal solution to the real  needs of the prospects they are dealing with. They differentiate themselves from  their competitors by being more concerned with helping their prospects than with  selling their products or services. Their customers often feel that they care more  about them than they care about making a sale. And it’s true.

Author:  Brian Tracy ... Your Success Store




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