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Plan today for your most prosperous tomorrow!

A 4-step blue print for success.



Over the years, I've had the honour of working with 1000's of business owners - new and established - on many issues. The outcome has been the creation of a process that helps them ALL get their businesses rejuvenated. Yes, it doesn't matter if they are currently an $18 million dollar business or a start up! When you don't have a business plan you've looked at recently or a marketing plan you use daily, the rest of the problems are very similar - only the dollar amount changes!

I've created the list below to walk you through the process I've been using with my clients for about a year now. It works. In fact it works so well, to help them increase income and help them focus, that I decided to create the You-Can't-Lose Guarantee!

You know the funny thing here? When I first completed the steps below I remembered my time in Corporate America and realized that if business owners (including myself) acted just a little more like corporations - you know the busy-ness part of business - from the start, they'd be more profitable out of the gate. I know that because when I work with newer business owners that is exactly what happens. And I know it's true for more established business owners because most often they're missing some of the major components and there success has been blocked.

There is no cookie-cutter process here. It's important to determine what pieces are missing or in need of updating and then bring those parts into the business.

So, if it's time for you to take your business to heights that even you didn't imagine possible, start at the top of this list and locate what's missing from your business.

Leverage your time for maximum success

  • Create a vision and mission for your business.
  • Identify your client from hell.
  • Develop a niche and ideal client profile.
  • Prioritize the most important business objectives and strategies.
  • Learn how to create a propelling action plan that helps you complete your to do list.

Develop a positive money mentality

  • Learn to fully trust yourself with your finances.
  • Be able to talk about money more easily.
  • Create a pricing strategy and package of services.
  • Set your hourly, monthly and value rates.
  • Confidently tell others what your fees are.
  • Discover how to easily raise your rates.
  • Raise your standards with your self.
  • Set boundaries with others - including clients.

Design systems to monitor your success

  • Create compelling ways to articulate what you do.
  • Build a follow-up system for efficient networking.
  • Design referral and affiliate systems.
  • Help develop your Ideal Client Profile.
  • Become comfortable networking
  • Learn how to "market with integrity" using a marketing funnel.
  • Create multiple streams of small business income.
  • Develop a hiring/firing process.
  • Design important business processes.
  • Build support systems that will help take you through any situation.

Leverage Your Success With Follow-up

  • Balance to assure all of the critical areas in the company have been covered.
  • Track your company's performance.
  • Execute the activities you've stated in your plans.
  • Align to insure that everything is working together.
  • Resolve issues right away that are impeding your success.


2006 Maria Marsala. Helping women business owners accelerate profits and improve productivity -- quicker, by providing one-on-one kick-butt, No BS, practical business and marketing coaching, consulting and training. Download your free reports and audio when you subscribe to "No BS Business Advice Ezine" Elevating Your Business.


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