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Sales Success


Red-Hot Sales Negotiation

: Everything You Need to Know to Close Deals, Build Relationships, and Create Win-Win Outcome

by Paul S. Goldner, Peter McKeon

Negotiation is a key skill for all salespeople. Great sales professionals need to be able to counter clients who are naturally trying to get rock-bottom prices, but at the same time maintain a good relationship, so the client will want to do business with them again. Negotiation is more than just closing a sale. It’s the art of continuing a partnership that is successful for both parties. Red-Hot Sales Negotiation provides practical tips and strategies to help salespeople  Read more ....


How to be the Top Salesperson for Twenty Years

So how do you maintain a level of number one sales person for a period of twenty years at every sales organization that you go to? There are a lot of factors. However, two of the most important are:

1. NEVER wing it!
2. Understand that buying is an emotional decision


How to Outline, Design, and Deliver a Dynamic Sales Presentation

Listen in on Patricia Fripp's Two-Day Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Seminar. The inside secrets of designing & delivering speeches and sales presentations. Perfect for both novice and advanced speakers

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Self-Talk To Sales Success

Do you listen to your self-talk? What is your self-talk saying? How is your self-talk serving you? If your self-talk is more negative, and sounds like a snake's rattle, it will scare you off from moving forward. This is poisonous thinking for people who are in the business of selling.


Become the perfect selling machine


Smart, Easy Ways to Find Customers

Need to find sales prospects, but don't know where to start? Use these easy prospecting tips for finding the right people in your target market.


 Successful Selling DVD Series -- $2,995 Value -- 4


Sell More of Your Services to More, Bigger, and Better Clients

Those who make the most money in any field, industry, or profession are not necessarily those who have the most knowledge, are most experienced in their craft, or sell the highest quality service.

No, those who make the most money, charge the top fees, and are constantly in demand are those who are best at selling and marketing themselves!

Now, with the Selling Your Services program, you can gain the selling skills you need to be more confident in selling ... enjoy it more ... generate a flood of leads and inquiries for your services . stand out from your competition ... and get more and better clients to hire you, more often, for bigger fees.

So what are you waiting for? To examine the Selling Your Services audio program for 90 days risk-free, just click below now:

Selling Your Services


Turning Leads into Appointments

One of the most frequent questions I get is, "How do I turn leads into appointments... how do I connect with or follow up with prospective  clients and get a meeting with them where they are sincerely interested in exploring how I can help them?"

If you knew the answer to this, marketing would be a whole lot easier, wouldn't it? When you're actually meeting with a prospective client, your marketing has been successful and the sales process starts.

For some strange reason, everyone thinks of getting appointments in two ways that are polar opposites: One is having a prospect call  you because you were referred to them. The other is making a cold  call and setting up an appointment.

The truth is, the first one is rather rare and the second one is very hard. The good news is that there's an approach in-between that you
can do much more frequently and easily with better results.
Read on ...










If you’re in sales, I know you’ll use this often for that “shot of inspiration” to maintain a positive attitude. But, you don’t have to be in sales to love this book. If you like quotes and you like beautiful photos, well...this little book will “knock your socks off!”


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