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Manifesting what you want - Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra




Public Speaking, Movement and Gesture (Highlights) - 1940s


This film is pure nostalgia! Great for training in the office as an ice-breaker (Oh, the things we had to do in the days before PowerPoint! This early Coronet film takes us through the basics of effective public speaking, with its focus on body posture and gestures. There is some very funny footage here; especially in the scene demonstrating how not to make gestures when speaking (what a forensic geek this dude is!). The final "live" speech is great in that it is about nuclear energy! The speaker's motions are so calculated (albeit exaggerated for example), they are counter-productive to the film's lesson and ultimately distract from what the speaker is trying to say. Great film.





 Parenting with Non-Violent Communication



Certified NVC Trainer Inbal Kashtan discusses and demonstrates how to work with the incessant "no" from a child.





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Helping children learn to read


Helping a child learn to read, is a gift that will last a lifetime and takes a partnership that begins at home and continues at child care and in school. Here you will find tips and information to help children build the foundation to learn to read

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Habit triggers

Our daily routines are so programmed into our minds that even our eye movement patterns become habitual! We can use this to our advantage.

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Your own Super Niche

You need a compelling business message aimed at the right people. You need to cultivate your own Super Niche.

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